“We create extraordinary spaces, environments, and experiences through exceptional architectural design.”
Thomas Sayler-Brown


SBBL Architecture: storyline

A keen interest in drawing and building design throughout his teens led SBBL founder, Thomas Sayler-Brown, to study architecture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Shortly after earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1977, Thomas jump-started his career with the renovation of a 150 year-old home on Nantucket Island.

He went on to complete an internship in Philadelphia, obtained his Architecture license, and served as a construction manager for a development company in Southern California.

In late 1991, Thomas moved to Tucson where he worked for another architect for six years before starting SBBL in 1997.

Calling upon the collaborative design philosophy that shaped his college education, Thomas created an open environment in which employees are respected for their creativity and ideas, and have ample opportunities to contribute and grow.

This synergistic mindset, paired with a focus on client satisfaction and support, has helped SBBL secure a place amongst the longer-lasting architectural firms in Southern Arizona.

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