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Healthcare architecture project for the Veterans Administration

This project is a three-phase development to provide living and healthcare facilities for elderly Veterans.

The $13 million first phase, which includes a large portion of the site work for the entire campus, will be complete in the second quarter of 2019.

This first phase includes a 5,500 square foot “cottage” and a community building shell. The cottage houses 10 sleeping quarters with private baths, a spa, and an open living room with a dining area and a large common kitchen.

Outdoor covered porches allow residents a place to sit and socialize on nice days. A small nurse’s office is the only indication that the building functions as a facility for the hospital. Staff’s presence is downplayed to allow the building to feel more residential.

The community center is designed for activities such as hair care, entertainment, camaraderie, and dining. Interior outfitting of the community building will occur in Phase 3.

The Living Center campus will ultimately have four cottages, the community center, and gardens. The intention of this concept is quality-of -life to give patients (“residents”) a more home-like setting while receiving treatment. The sleeping rooms are outfitted to accommodate people with varying levels of health needs while having more home-like materials, colors, and furnishings.

Safety is an important consideration in the design of this project and includes controlled vehicular and pedestrian access, secure parking areas, and electronic monitoring of resident movement outside the buildings.

Design of the second phase is underway and includes 2 more cottages. Construction could begin in the fourth quarter of 2019. Phase 3 may occur in 2021 with completion of the campus in 2022.

Location of the project: VA Medical Center – 300 West Veterans Boulevard, Big Spring, TX 79720 (see it on Google Maps)

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