Holocaust History Center

The Holocaust History Center was established by Holocaust survivors in Tucson to commemorate the people of Southern Arizona who experienced the nightmare of the Shoah. The original display was located in a small addition to an historically-certified house adjacent to the Jewish History Museum. The entire 1,700 Sq. ft. house and addition were fully renovated for a more expansive exhibit with flexible display and classroom spaces. The building was designed to allow visitors to have a spiritual experience while viewing the displays.

The Jewish History Museum and the existing house had no relationship with each other, and the back of the properties were undeveloped and unsightly.

The properties were combined into one, and the back of the properties were designed as a memorial garden onto which the Holocaust History Center opens.

The interior of the house was opened up utilizing new steel columns and beams and exposing the existing roof structure.

The “Hole” in the floor is a prominent feature of the HHC. Its meaning is left to the beholder’s imagination. Every interpretation is correct.

Rising from the hole in the floor is a poem written b a Hungarian poet during his death march and discovered in a mass grave.

Looking up, we connect with people looking down at us who died during the holocaust.

The HHC was made possible with generous donations of time and money by the Tucson Jewish community

Inauguration day: a community affair