Mira Vista Resort

Located in a lush 33-acre desert tract of land with an historic grouping of 19th century trading post buildings, this project consists of high-end multi-tenant timeshare buildings that encompass and incorporate the trading post and pool area.

The site is crisscrossed with several washes that remain undisturbed by design while allowing for ultimate build-out of 350 apartment units. The completed project will provide luxurious living space inside and a wonderful connection to the Sonoran desert landscape.

Building materials were chosen to allow for a contemporary design that is sensitive to the historic character of the trading post and language of the Southwest including heavy wood beams, stucco, natural stone, and clay tile.

The amazing surrounding natural environment serves as a stage for the development and helps to define the newly-created community.

Views to the mountains are provided throughout, and new landscaping matches the existing flora. New driveways and parking areas meander around the site preserving the undulating desert landscape and washes and softening the impact of required paving on the site.

Each 17-unit building is sited to accentuate the big skies and magnificent environment while maintaining close proximity to the pool, restaurant, and recreation facilities.