Residential Architecture Tucson | 127 S. 5th Avenue

Residential Architecture Tucson

This is a project we are participating to as part of our activities as residential architects in Tucson AZ.

This design-build project includes architectural / engineering work for a ground-up 8-story, approximately 81,400 square foot market-rate apartment building downtown.

Work includes processing the project through the City’s Infill Incentive District and Individual Parking Plan design procedures.

The building will be designed with a rental office, lobby, bicycle parking, and tenant support spaces all accessed from 5th Avenue on the west and ground-level parking accessed from Herbert Avenue on the east.

A portion of the parking will be located under the building, and the rest will be open-air and designed more plaza-like for the view from the units above.

The building will harbor 115 studios and one-bedroom apartments with balconies.

Location of the project: 127 South 5th Avenue, Tucson, AZ  (see the location on Google Maps).

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