Site Entitlement

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SBBL offers years of experience in Tucson and Pima County with site entitlements for retail, office, multi-family, and industrial developments including site designs, development plans, rezonings, and variances. Work may include design or redesign of the buildings on the site.

Our site entitlement projects have ranged in size from approximately 2/3 acre to over 110 acres.

Besides our clients, we work well with site specialists such as surveyors, civil engineers, and landscape architects, and have established an excellent relationship with planning personnel at the various jurisdictions where we have worked.

We have a solid knowledge of zoning codes and adapt easily to the different codes we find for some locations. Many times, we present our projects to stakeholders and area residents towards obtaining their feedback and support. We have been successful working with our neighbors.

Some of our entitlement projects have included special processes required for large retail establishments, such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart. These processes are similar to rezonings in that we meet with neighbors and other stakeholders and plan our projects to meet more stringent code requirements.

We approach site design as architects by creating logical and interesting layouts that also allow someone to experience the site with attention to views, flow, and accessibility.