The Jewish Community Center

SBBL was commissioned by the Jewish Community Center (JCC) to modernize their existing wellness and fitness facility and expand it to include a full-sized gym. We also designed a classroom addition for children and special needs students. Upon completion of the renovation and additions, membership doubled…

The existing facility was dark, uninviting, and uninspiring. Located at the base of Mt. Lemmon, the facility turned its back rather than invite in the mountains…

Our design included opening banks of windows in the existing tilt panel walls to bring in natural light and the spectacular views of the mountains.

The spaces were further expanded and opened by removing low ceilings and walls…

…exposing the structure, and introducing color, quality materials and exciting volumes.

A dramatic space for aerobic machines was added to the south end of the facility.

A view to the fitness center and beyond was created from the existing gymnasium bringing in natural light, drawing the facility together visually and improving members’ experience.

A new entrance to the facility was created at one end of the gymnasium, providing access to the upper floor.


Natural light inspires fitness for all ages.

As part of the improvements, the locker rooms were updated and expanded.

As part of the renovation, the JCC asked for a classroom addition on the north side of the building facing the mountains.

There, children and special-needs members have space to learn and play.

The addition serves as a beacon to the extraordinary work the JCC does with kids and special-needs students.