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3 Levels of Thinking in Architectural Design

TSB in 3 Levels of Meaning in Architectural Design

3 Levels of Thinking in Architectural Design

In this short interview, Thomas Sayler-Brown summarizes the 3-level model used by SBBL during the design phase of a building. Each project integrates levels of thinking: Pragmatic, Syntactic and Semantic.

TSB uses the example and photos of the Holocaust History Center in Tucson to demonstrate that the Semantic level will determine how users of a building will experience it.

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A Sense of Accomplishment

TSB on A Sense of Accomplishment

A Sense of Accomplishment

TSB discusses here his personal lithmus test in regards to having a sense of accomplishment at the delivery of an architectural project.

To what degree should the architect be satisfied of his own work? What is the standard against which a project could be considered a success? Should this be client’s expectations? Or maybe something more final, related to the experience delivered by the architectural work?

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‘Owning the Building’

Thomas Sayler-Brown Architect Tucson

‘Owning the Building’

Architects often find themselves in a somewhat challenging position during the building phase of a project. TSB explains here how he learned the ‘Owning the Building’ approach in the early phase of his career, and how the lessons from this philosophy have been integrated into SBBL’s work in Tucson and other cities across the country.

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